TKDTutor provides martial arts students with information about all aspects of taekwondo and the martial arts and it helps potential students avoid fraudulent organizations, schools, instructors, and concepts.

Construction progress

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Progress on construction of the new website and conversion of articles on the old website to the new website's format.

Progress last updated: 9 March 2020


  • 14 Aug 2017. Started construction of the new Google Blogger website and conversion of the articles on the old Joomla website.
  • 01 January 2019. The new Google Blogger site became the official website. Old Joomla website deleted.
  • 01 January 2020: It been a few months of no progress but I'm back to work converting articles from the old website to the new format.


  • Groups: 7 of 9 groups have been completed.
  • Subjects: 14 of 28 subjects have been completed.
  • Topics: 63 of 91 topics have been completed.
  • Articles: 629 of 968 articles have been completed. 
  • Overall progress: 65% of the article conversion has been completed.

Novel Equivalents

  • Words655,788
  • Pages2,718 (assuming there are 275 words per page in an average novel)
  • Novels8 (assuming there are 300 pages in an average novel)
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