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Personal combat by the letter


Some personal combat tips.

Five A's of personal combat

Although it is important to be able to defend yourself physically when violently attacked, it is even more important to prepare yourself mentally before you reach this point. This mental preparation falls into five categories, the Five A's.

The Five A’s of mental preparation are:
  • Awareness: Be aware of everything around you, everything that could and may happen to you. Denial of danger is the biggest mistake of all.
  • Attitude: This involves the way you carry yourself, how you speak, and act. Be friendly, but suspicious. If attacked, be angry, but control the anger. Do not be intimidated; be assertive. Your attitude will go a long way in preventing a potential attacker from even contemplating an attack on you.
  • Avoidance: Take steps to make your environment as safe as possible by avoiding potential problems. The more avoidance procedures you adopt the less your chance of being attacked.
  • Assessment: Make a threat assessment of each threat potential and decide what action may be required. Choosing what to say and do in each situation is especially important since you may make the situation worse by your words or actions.
  • Action: Once the above categories fail, you will have to fight for your life. Overcome any fears you may have and act with speed, power, and efficiency. Do not hesitate to act.

Three D's of personal combat

In a self-defense situation, you have three choices of action, the three "D's.

The Three D's are:
  • Denial. You may deny the attacker by running away, blocking the attack, seeking protection, or removing the attacker's means of attack.
  • Delay. You may delay the attacker by involving him or her in conversation, running away and knocking objects in front of the pursuer, or use objects in the area to obstruct the attacker.
  • Defeat. Defeat the attacker by attacking and conquering him or her.
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