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Win or Not lose


In a self-defense situation, would you rather win or would you rather not lose. There is a difference between the two choices. One requires an offensive mindset while the other requires a defensive mindset. Neither choice is inherently right or wrong, but one choice may be more righter than the other for a certain person or in a certain situation.

Two mindsets

Offensive and defensive mindsets are neither mutually exclusive nor distinct; each includes elements of the other. An offensive mindset means you will use force to prevent or stop an attack. It seeks to impose one's will on the attacker. On the other hand, a defensive mindset seeks to resist or deflect the force used by the attacker. It seeks to resist the will of the attacker. Generally, if you are stronger than your attacker, you will be offensive, and, if you are weaker than your opponent, you will be defensive.

So, should you fight to win or to not lose? This choice depends on several factors:
  • Do you have a duty to win, such as being a police officer arresting a criminal or a parent protecting a child, or are you just an ordinary person?
  • Are you a trained, confident fighter or are you just an ordinary person?
  • Are you a young, large, athletic person or are you an older, smaller, physical wreck?
  • Are you a fast-twitch person (quick and powerful with short endurance) or a slow-twitch person (slow and powerful with long endurance)?
  • Are you outgoing, excitable, and aggressive by nature or are you shy, calm, and unassuming?
  • Do you feel justice should be done and you should do it, or do you just let things work themselves out?

Offensive mindset

An offensive mindset is probably best for people who:
  • Feel bad people should be punished for their misdeeds.
  • Are responsible for protecting others.
  • Are proficient in martial arts.
  • Are physically strong and fast.
  • Are aggressive.
  • Are physically imposing, either by size, appearance, or demeanor.

Defensive mindset

A defensive mindset is probably best for people who:
  • Have little or no training in self-defense.
  • Are limited in strength or speed due to factors such as body composition, sex, or age
  • Are more restrained or less aggressive by nature.

Which is best?

Depending upon the situation, either mindset may be best for a certain person no matter their physical or mental characteristics. Sometimes a powerful person may act defensively to draw an attacker in, or a weak person may act offensive to scare off an attacker. Under the right circumstances, a meek defensive person may become a fierce killer, such as a mother protecting her child. Sometimes a normally aggressive person may meet an even bigger and meaner attacker and decide to back off and act defensively. With either mindset, the goal is to end the confrontation as soon as possible with minimum injury to you or those who you are protecting.

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