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C. D. Hartman (1921-1999)
Ruby Hartman (1925-2014)

TKDTutor is dedicated to my parents. Neither of them had any interest in the martial arts, nevertheless, they both exhibited the true spirit of a warrior. My father served God with unwavering fidelity, was devoted to his wife and family, loved and trusted his friends, was always dedicated to doing what was right even if it caused him hardship, and he never surrendered until his last breath. My mother stood by his deathbed for eighteen straight hours without a break, whispering in his ear and guiding him toward the light. She refused to even sit down, saying he could not see her if she did. Unbelievably, even after rapidly heaving in body-racking, exhausting breaths for hours and hours, dad would not give up and was still able to communicate with her with head nods until the very end.

My dad was a warrior for Christ who lived his life with the utmost in integrity, pride, and dignity, and he died the same way. The nurses and doctors present during his last hours said they had witnessed numerous deaths but that his death had moved them as had no other. My mother, who always said she was nothing without dad, was a rock that gave the family, and hundreds of dad's friends, the strength they needed to accept his death and deal with the aftermath.

After dad's death, mom continued to love her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren and she always made sure they remembered dad. We all loved her and made sure she was well cared for until the end. Mom is now with dad again and they can both look down and know they have left behind a family who always knew they were loved, will always love each other, and will never forget them.

As a martial artist who trains daily, I pride myself in being both physically and mentally strong, but I do not have near the strength they both exhibited during trying times. I can only hope that by emulating them I may someday achieve a portion their fortitude

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