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Articles with general information that is common to all the martial arts.


Fighting: Fighting is what humans do.

About the term "martial arts": The meaning of the term martial arts.

What is a martial art?: What makes something a martial art?

What makes a martial art an "art"?
: Are martial arts really a form of art?

Categories of martial arts: Ways to categorize martial arts.

Types of martial arts: Other ways to classify martial arts.

Why study a martial art?: Reasons why you should study a martial art.

Mas Oyama on the martial arts: Some views of Mas Oyama, the founder of kyokushin karate.

Physical or mental: How much of the martial arts is physical and how much is mental?

Martial arts vs. religion: Do the martial arts compete with religious beliefs.

Martial arts beliefs: Believing the wrong things may get you killed.

Inconvenient truths: Some truths that people don't want to hear.

Multiple martial arts ranks: What about people with black belts in multiple martial arts?

Fine 'martial' arts: Can the martial arts be classified as fine arts?

Getting serious: The primary reason to train in a martial art is to stop someone from attacking you.

Martial arts criticism
: There are detractors of the martial arts.

What's the best martial art?: Is there one best martial art?

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