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Get a link to TKDTutor


If you enjoy TKDTutor and want to link to it from your website:
  • Use the following text link or banner link, or you may create your own link. 
  • Email TKDTutor the location of the TKDTutor link on your website, along with your link information, and I will post your link on TKDTutor. 

Text link

To use the TKDTutor text link :
  • Select the link shown below. 
  • Copy it. 
  • Paste it into your web page. 
TKDTutor: your best source for comprehensive information about taekwondo and martial arts in general.

To use your own text link

Banner link

For a banner link:
  • Right click on the banner shown below. 
  • Select Save image as... to save the image to your computer. 
  • Paste the image into your website, blog, forum, etc. 
  • Link the image to

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