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Most martial art concepts, philosophies, theories, etc. are recognized by science; however, some have been given exotic names to make them sound special and some are far-out and based on nothing but anecdotal evidence and the uneducated beliefs of their creators and proponents.


"Do" or "the way": A way of life pursued by some martial artists.

Ki: The inner energy developed through training in the martial arts.

Meditation: Ways to slow your racing mind and dwell on inner thoughts.

Yin-Yang: The concept of opposites.

Osu: A vocal expression of ki.

Dokkodo: Precepts that express a stringent, self-disciplined, and ascetic view of life.

Seppuku: A traditional ritual of honor expressed by taking one's life.

Cheetah or gazelle: Hunter or prey; which are you?

Rock, Paper, Scissors: A traditional children's game as applied to the martial arts.

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