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Lies you hear


Some martial art lies you hear from people.


Lies are in bold text with TKDTutor comments in normal text.
  • I used to train in a martial art but I forget how to perform the techniques. If you ever learned a physical skill at any time in your life, unless you have some mental defect or disease, you will never forget the skill. If you learned to skate at 10 years old and have never skated since then, and you put on skates at 40 years of age, you will be able to skate again in just a few minutes. If you learned a taekwondo pattern at 10 years old and were proficient at it and then quit training in taekwondo until you were 40 years old, you should still be able to perform the pattern after just a few minutes of review.
  • I once studied a martial art. Ever had a new student in a class claim to have studied some other martial art, but then he does not know how to do a simple front kick. Even your white belts know he is lying.
  • Your style is too easy for me. Ever had a person say he used to train in a martial art and you ask him to come to your class to train, and he says that your class is too easy for him because his art stressed hard training.  The person looks like as slug and is not training anywhere in anything now, so how could your class be easier than not training at all.
  • My techniques are too deadly. Ever had a person says she used to train in a martial art and you ask her to come to your class to train, and she says that her art has such deadly techniques that she would be afraid of harming someone in the class. Yea right! Ask her to come to class and show everyone some of her deadly techniques. Assure her that all your students have signed waivers that will not hold her responsible for injuries that may occur.
  • I trained in the special forces. You say “Thanks for your service. You are welcome to come to our classes and show us some of your techniques.” The person then says all his military service is classified and he is not allowed to even talk about the deadly techniques he learned. You say “Goodbye. Careful and don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out!”

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