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Amateur versus professional


Some differences between an amateur instructor and a professional instructor.


Amateur: Wears what he/she feels like.
Professional: Wears professional uniform.

Amateur: Operates classes based on whelm.
Professional: Operates classes based on planning.

Amateur: Blames everyone.
Professional: Takes responsibility for everything.

Amateur: Demands attention and affection.
Professional: Allows him or herself to receive it.

Amateur: Demands respect.
Professional: Gives and receives respect.

Amateur: Constantly aware of the time.
Professional: Constantly aware of what he/she does with the time.

Amateur: Demands respect.
Professional: Gives and receives respect.

Amateur: Counts the hours of teaching.
Professional: Pays close attention to what goes into the hours.

Amateur: Wears a black belt.
Professional: Is a black Belt.

Amateur: Influenced by his or her mood.
Professional: Influenced by his or her duty and responsibilities.

Amateur: Says whatever he or she feels like.
Professional: Thinks before saying anything.

Amateur: Thinks he or she is a gift to students.
Professional: Knows that he or she is here to serve students.

Amateur: Lives a life of duplicity: One life at the studio, another at home.
Professional: Lives a life worth based on natural principles right and wrong.

Amateur: Takes everything personally.
Professional: Takes everything in context.

Amateur: Listens with intent to reply.
Professional: Listens with intent to understand.

Amateur: Has a personality of a hammer and treats everyone as a nail.
Professional: Has a personality of a leader and treats everyone with respect.

Amateur: Talks him or herself out of problems.
Professional: Fixes problems.

Amateur: Demonstrates mastery using words.
Professional: Demonstrates mastery using actions.

Amateur: Doesn’t know or want to know anything about business.
Professional: Wants to learn about all aspects of running a school.

Amateur: Looks for sins in other and gossips about everyone.
Professional: Looks for people’s talents and reassures them of their good qualities.

Amateur: Only looks at what students are doing.
Professional: Looks at what students are doing and what they are capable of doing.

Amateur: Practices techniques.
Professional: Studies techniques and seeks perfection.

Amateur: Talks.
Professional: Behaves.

Amateur: Tries.
Professional: Does.

Amateur: Teaches.
Professional: Empowers.

Amateur: Compares.
Professional: Appreciates differences.

Amateur: Ignores tradition.
Professional: Learns from tradition but is not bound by it.

Amateur: Lives in the past.
Professional: Lives in the now but plans for future.

Amateur: Sees things, asks "why?"
Professional: Observes things, asks "why not?"

Amateur: Sees the glass half empty or half full.
Professional: Sees the beautiful flower that could be kept in the glass.

Amateur: Views everything as a curse or a blessing.
Professional: Views everything as a challenge.

Amateur: Believes that students should not pay for lessons.
Professional: Believes everything has a price and sometimes the price is tuition.

Amateur: Constantly looks for ways to demonstrate the chosen martial art.
Professional: Constantly looks for ways to become better at the chosen martial art.

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