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Treat customers as potential students; treat current students as customers.

Greeting customers

When a customer walks in the front door for the first time:
  • They should see a clean, neat, uncluttered lobby filled with impressive photos, credentials, and trophies, and friendly people with lots of smiles. Similes mean people are happy being at the school and are having fun doing a martial art.
  • The person in charge should make immediate eye contact and maintain eye contact always to ensure the customer feels special. Do not stare but always center your full attention on the customer so he or she knows you care.
  • The person in charge should shake hands (depending on the circumstances, a lingering handshake or a two-handed shake will help show you really care about the person as a customer).
  • Just as at Ceci's Pizza or Chic-fil-a, greet the customer with a friendly, sincere smile, welcome them to the school, and immediately ask how you may help them. 
  • Train students and parents who waiting in the lobby to give a friendly greeting to new customers. A friendly, relaxed atmosphere will create a good first impression. Even people who are entering a tough, full-contact school want to feel appreciated and wanted.
  • Thank the customer for coming, for asking, for their interest, for everything. The customer should feel special.
After customers become students, they should experience the above every time they enter the school. During class, treat them as students; however, before and after class, treat them as customers who you want to keep as customers.

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