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A prospect is someone who has an interest in the martial arts and thus is a potential customer/student. A prospect may walk into or call a martial arts school for many different reasons, so school owners must be aware of these reasons and be able to respond to each person’s needs. Owners may convince the person to come in for a trial lesson or may even refer the person to another martial art if it is the best thing to do. If the school has good instructors and is managed properly, once the person has taken a trial class, he or she will probably be ready to sign up for more classes.

Reasons for interest 

Some reasons for people being interested in taekwondo are:
  • Looking for physical activity. These people are interested in getting a "sweat." They are seeking physical exercise and a good workout. These are usually 20-30-year-old men and women.
  • Looking for a sport that may best utilize his or her innate skills. These people are looking for a sport in which they may excel. These are usually 10-30-year-old men and women and parents looking for a sport for a boy or girl.
  • Looking to relieve stress. These people are looking for a way to relax and escape the pressures of daily life. These are usually 30-60-year-old men and women.
  • Looking to improve their health. These people are seeking a way to improve their health and overall well-being. These are usually 40-60-year-old men and women.
  • Looking for self-defense. Either through direct or indirect contact with a crime or from a fear of crime, these people want to be able to protect themselves and their loved ones. These are usually 20-40-year-old women and 30-60-year-old men.
  • Looking for competition. These people are competitors who enjoy pitting themselves against others for some reward, such as a trophy or title. These are usually males and females of practically any age.
  • Current martial arts students who have recently moved. These are people who have been training regularly but have moved to a new area.
  • Looking for a different martial art. These are people who have studied some other martial art for years and are seeking to try something different.
  • Looking for enlightenment. These are people who are interested in the mystical aspects of the martial arts. These are usually 20-50-year-old men and women.
  • Looking for thrills. These people are looking for a martial art with spectacular and acrobatic techniques. These are usually 15-25-year-old males.
  • Looking for new fighting skills. These people love to fight and are seeking new techniques to use in competitions. Some may be involved in some type of full-contact fighting. These are usually 20-30-year-old men.
  • Looking for stunt training. These are people interested in the martial arts for simulated fighting for movies, television, professional wrestling, or some other type of show business. These are usually 20-30-year-old men and women.
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