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Starting your search


You have finally decided to start learning a specific martial art. The next decision is where do you train. Finding the right school and the right instructor are the most important decisions you will ever make in your martial arts lifetime.

There is a lot to consider

All schools are not created equal. Martial arts instructors generally are not licensed by any state regulatory commission or government agency, and there is no consumer group to act as a watchdog to ensure the quality of instruction. Anyone may acquire a business license, purchase a black belt, rent school space and start teaching a martial art.

Unfortunately, when people start looking for a martial arts school to join, they tend to first consider the price of instruction and the convenience of the location. These are important factors, but they should not be primary considerations.

Choosing a martial arts school and an instructor is like choosing a teacher to teach you to play a musical instrument. Some things you might consider are:
  • You want a teacher that teaches your instrument (the chosen martial art).
  • You want a teacher who is an expert on playing the instrument and plays it well. 
  • You want a teacher who enjoys teaching and has all the required certifications needed to teach the instrument.
  • You want a teacher to which you can relate, who understands your limitations, and who can coach you into being the best you can be. 
  • You also want the instruction to take place in a suitable place that is conducive to learning. 
Since you initially probably know nothing about the instrument other than and what you have seen or heard others do with it, you will probably not know where to start looking for an instructor.


As a beginner, you are unqualified to judge the skill of martial arts instructors. If you know someone who is a martial arts student, you could ask them to come with you, but how well can you trust the judgment of the person. There is no one way for you to judge the skill of an instructor since that ability only comes with years of experience in the martial arts. The only way you may choose a martial arts instructor that is right for you is to read all you can about the martial arts, visit many schools, ask a lot of questions, and then make an educated, rational choice.

To learn more about the martial arts, visit bookstores, the library, surf the web, and of course, consult The more information you have, the better questions you can ask, and the easier it will be to choose the best school for you.

Since being proficient in a martial art requires a long-term commitment involving a lot of time, effort, and money, choosing the right instructor and school is very important, so, take the time to get it right the first time.

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