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Style descriptions: X

Some styles of martial arts that begin with the letter X.

Xingyiquan (hsing-yi-chaun) (China)

Xingyiquan is one of the three orthodox "internal" styles of Chinese martial arts (the other two being taijiquan and baguazhang). "Xing" refers to form and "yi" to the mind or intent. "Quan" literally means fist and denotes a method of unarmed combat.

Xingyiquan is commonly referred to as "form and mind" or "form and will" boxing. The name illustrates the strong emphasis placed on movement being subordinate to mental control.

The exact origins of xingyiquan are unknown. The creation of the art is traditionally attributed to the famous general and patriot Yue Fei (1103-1141) of the Song dynasty. However, no historical data supports this claim. The style was originally called "xin-yi-liu-he-quan" (heat mind six harmonies boxing). The six harmonies refer to the three internal harmonies (the heart or desire coordinates with the intent; the intent coordinates with the qi or vital energy; and the qi coordinates with the strength), and the three external harmonies (the shoulders coordinate with the hips; the elbows coordinate with the knees, and the hands coordinate with the feet).

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