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About strikes


A strike is an attack with some part of the human body upon an opponent. Although this definition includes punches and kicks, they are not included in this topic since they are discussed in more detail in other topics.

Characteristics of a strike

  • Hand strikes may use a closed hand (such as a back fist), a semi-open hand (such as a bear paw), or an open hand (such as a knife hand).
  • Strikes are non-linear and move in an arc. Linear hand attacks, that are not punches, are called thrusts.
  • The arc may travel along a vertical or horizontal axis. 
  • The striking area of the hand depends on the type of technique being used. 
  • The power of strikes comes from twisting of the torso, arm strength, dropping the body mass, and body spinning. The arcing motion of the strike and the rotational speed of the body greatly increase power. 
  • Strikes may be "snapped" or "pushed-through" or a combination of the two.
  • All strikes start from a basic guard position: Hands in fists held just below cheekbones with palms toward the face, with elbows held slightly outward of the fists. 

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