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About thrusts


A thrust is an attack were part of the human body is jabbed or thrust into an opponent. Although this definition includes punches and kicks, they are not included in this topic since they are discussed in more detail in other topics.

For hand attacks, thrusts are in a linear motion Since thrusting techniques usually use the weaker parts of the hand, they are usually only used on specific soft targets such as eyes or solar plexus.

Characteristics of a thrust

  • Hand thrusts may use a closed hand (such as a straight punch), a semi-open hand (such as a palm heel), or an open hand (such as a spear hand).
  • Hand thrusts are linear. Hand attacks that are non-linear and move in an arc are called strikes; although some punches are non-linear and move in an arc, such as a hook. 
  • Thrusts are delivered with a push-through motion.
  • The striking area of the hand depends on the type of technique being used. 
  • The power of strikes comes from twisting of the torso, arm strength, dropping the body mass, and body spinning. The power of a thrust is increased by “driving” the body mass into the technique. 

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