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How to become the best


How to be the best you can be.

To be the best

  • Set goals. Set attainable goals. As you reach one, set a higher one. Keep your goals firmly in mind to maintain motivation.
  • Keep an open-mind. Stay receptive to everything, not just things in which you are interested.
  • Stay committed. Being the best you can require hard work and commitment.
  • Practice. Practice at every opportunity and make opportunities to practice more.
  • Stick to the basics. Basic techniques are the foundations of taekwondo. Even a master is judged on how well he or she performs basic techniques.
  • Listen and observe. You can learn a lot from others; be they masters, beginners, or just ordinary people.
  • Self-discipline. Keep focused on your training and learning. Stay focused on your goals and persevere through pain, injury, losses, depression, and discouragement.
  • Comprehend. Question and analyze all movements and techniques until you understand when, where, and how to use each one.
  • Stay fit. Build strength, power, flexibility, stamina, speed, control, and coordination.
  • Fight boredom. Vary your training routine. Do not become too dependent on a particular method. Cross-train in complementary sports.
  • Feel the energy. Be aware of and be one with your internal energy as you train.
  • Adapt. When barriers to your training occur, find ways around them.
  • Learn from your mistakes. Do not dwell on mistakes, fix what caused the mistake, learn from the experience, and continue.
  • Be patient. Achieving excellence takes time. As long as you are progressing, you are getting closer to your goal.
  • Limitations. Accept your limitations. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Do not try to keep up with others, work within your capabilities. When you know something is beyond your capability, don't be afraid to refer to others who do have the capability.
  • Self-confidence. Believe in yourself and do not let others deter you from your goals.
  • Seek guidance. Never think you have all the answers. Seek guidance from others to learn more.
  • Other styles. Do not be style specific. Taekwondo is your primary art but other martial arts have much to offer. Maintain your taekwondo foundation but use what works for you even if it comes from another art.
  • Concentrate on specifics. Break down a technique into its individual components and concentrate on each specific movement.
  • Think positive. Keep a positive mental attitude. Do not let anything stop you from reaching your goals.

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