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Block and counterattack


For every block, there should be an immediate counterattack.

Always immediately counterattack

Don't get into the habit of just blocking and then waiting for an opportunity to attack. The opponent is vulnerable during an attack when he or she is concentrating on offense, not defense; therefore, this is an excellent opportunity for you to attack.

Teach yourself to follow every block with one or more counterattacks. If you block and then counterattack with a frenzy of techniques, the opponent will become leery of attacking. However, do not use frenzy attacks too often or the opponent will get wise to the strategy and develop a counter to it.

Try counterattacking the blocking limb

Blocking with one limb and then counterattacking with another limb is quick, and both techniques may be powerful; however, it is also a frequently used tactic and thus is predictable. Therefore, it is advantageous to block and attack with the same arm or leg in one smooth, continuous motion. After the block does its job, the blocking arm or leg slides or bounces off the attacking limb into an immediate counterattack.

Examples of same side counterattacks

  • After an inside to outside block inner forearm block, the blocking arm continues into a cross to the chin.
  • After an outside to inside inner forearm block, the blocking arm continues into a back fist to the nose.
  • After raising the leading knee to the inside to block a kick, the blocking leg continues into a side thrust kick.

Advantages of same side counterattacks

  • It takes advantage of the opening created while the opponent is attacking.
  • It is quick; no wasted time since the counterattack is immediate.
  • The opponent has no time to block.
  • It sets up a power attack using the other arm or leg.
  • It helps break the habit of always blocking with one side and counterattacking with the other side.
  • Many opponents are not prepared for it since they seldom see it and don’t expect it.

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