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Choking and strangling techniques are some of the most universally taught techniques in the martial arts. They are found in jujutsu, aikido, Brazilian jujutsu, karate and in many other arts. Of all the martial arts, judo is perhaps best known for the variety and sophistication of its many chokes and strangles.

When you are fighting against a very strong or determined opponent and everything else seems to fail, the choke and the strangle have been proven to be some of the most dependable techniques. If done properly, they act quickly and cause no physical damage and minimal pain. However, if incorrectly applied, they can be dangerous, even potentially fatal. In fact, deaths attributable to incorrect applications have led to choking and strangling techniques being banned in some law enforcement jurisdictions.


About chokes/strangles. What they are and how they are different.

Effects of chokes/strangles. The medical results of a choke or strangle.

Choke and strangle safety. How to perform a choke or strangle safely.

Choke and strangle resuscitation. How to revive a person who has been choked or strangled.

Choke and strangle techniques. Some ways to perform chokes and strangles.

Choke and strangle defense. Way to defend against chokes and strangles.

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