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Crescent kicks


The crescent kick is not a flashy kick so may it be overlooked as being just used as an exercise to loosen the hips. However, it has specific uses that make a useful part of your arsenal.

Outside crescent kick

The outside crescent kick is used mostly as a defensive kick to knock a punch, kick, or hand-held weapon to the side to create an opening for a counterattack. It can also be used to knock a guard down or to the side to create an opening for an attack. The kick can also be used as a setup kick for a round kick with the other leg. The kick is too easy to block to be used effectively as an offensive kick. The kicker must be close to the opponent to use the kick; the higher the target, the closer the kicker must be.
  • Keep the foot vertical with the toes pointed upward.
  • Strike with the outside edge of the foot or with the ankle or leg.
  • The leg may be kept straight throughout the kick or may be used in a snapping motion.
  • The kicking foot first travels inward and upward and then it swings outward. At the height of the intended target, the foot swings horizontally and outward through the target and then completes its circular movement by moving downward back to the floor. 
  • In the straight leg version, most of the power comes from hip rotation. The kicking hip rotates inward as the straight kicking leg is raised inward and upward in a circular movement. Then the hip rotates outward pulling the kicking leg and foot through the target. The kicking foot moves in a large circle. 
  • In the snapping version, most of the power still comes from hip rotation but a snap kick adds more power. The kicking hip rotates inward, the kicking knee is raised inward and upward and then toward the outside, and then, as the hip and knee rotate outward, the leg snaps the foot into the target and pulls the leg and foot through the target and back to the floor. The kicking foot moves in a narrow oval.
  • A jump, spin, or jump-spin may be added to the outside crescent kick.

Inside crescent kick

The inside crescent has basically the same movements as the outside crescent kick, except all the movements are from the outside of the body toward the inside of the body. In the inside crescent kick, either the inside edge of the foot, ankle, or the leg makes initial contact.

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