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Knee kicks


Knee kicks are used when in close range or in a clinch and may be just as or more devastating as leg kicks. Knee attacks do not have the velocity of leg kicks, but, because of their short leverage advantage, they are better able to apply all the power of body muscles and the mass of the body to the attack. Thai kickboxers are particularly adept at using knee attacks.

Performing knee kicks

When performing knee attacks, just think of them as kicks using an extremely short leg. Most everything that applies to kicks also applies to knees except the striking surface. The knee can strike hard targets, such as the skull, with great force without injury to the knee. To reach high targets with a knee kick, you must add a jump or pull the target to a lower height.


  • Front knee kick
  • Roundhouse knee kick
  • Front twist knee kick
  • Jump front knee kick
  • Jump roundhouse knee kick
  • Jump front twist knee kick

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