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TA pattern set


This is the pattern set used by Taekwondo America (TA), an independent organization (not associated with the ITF or WT) based in the United States. Most of the patterns are from the chang-hon pattern set but some of the pattern movements differ from those in the traditional patterns.

Color belt patterns

  • Ki-bon
  • Dan-gun
  • Do-san
  • Won-hyo
  • Yul-guk
  • Joong-gun
  • Hwa-rang
  • Choong-moo
  • Gwang-gae

Black belt patterns

  • Po-eun
  • Gae-baek
  • Choong-jang
  • Yoo-sin
  • Ul-ji
  • Yon-gae
  • Juche
  • Ko-dang
  • Choi-yong
  • Tong-il 
  • Moon-moo

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