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Patterns are not unique to the martial arts. They are similar to a dance routine or any other choreographed movements. They allow a person to practice and perfect his or her special skills alone. In the martial arts, they are simply a way for a warrior to hone his or her fighting skills without having an opponent.


About patterns? Patterns are an essential part of the martial arts.

Why study patterns? Why do we need to study patterns? I just want to spar.

Pattern development. How patterns were developed.

History of patterns. How they began and where they are going.

Pattern usefulness. Pros and cons of pattern training.

Pattern sets. Groups of patterns used by martial arts schools and organizations.

Stages of pattern training. Pattern training is a lifelong process with five stages of training.

Differences. Differences between patterns at various ranks.

Meaning of closed fist. What the enclosed fist symbolizes.

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