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Picture yourself


So, you want to be a black belt! That is a major goal to achieve. Along the path toward reaching black belt, color belts are minor goals you need to achieve. As you train to reach each of these goals, you should always picture yourself as being a black belt.

How it works

Don’t compare yourself to black belts you see or to other students. Don’t worry about your limitations or weaknesses. Don’t worry about your progress. Instead, visualize yourself as already being a black belt. Picture yourself as a black belt doing what black belts do. When you train, keep your visualization in mind and try to perform techniques as you would as a black belt.

Visualization works in all aspects of your life. For example, if you want to lose weight, do not think about how much weight you have lost or need to lose, instead, picture yourself as a thin, fit person and act as that person would act. Instead of worrying about what you eat, just eat as a trim, fit person would eat. Be a trim, fit person in your mind and you will become a trim, fit person.

At your job, if you want to be the boss, you have to picture yourself as the boss and do the things that bosses do. You do not walk around acting as if you were the boss, but, when people deal with you, they should see boss potential and wonder why you are not the boss.

Picture yourself as a black belt and someday you will become a black belt and you will be much happier during your quest to become a black belt. Don’t worry! Be happy! Train!

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