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Dropping is when the body is dropped lower by bending the knees.

What it’s not

Dropping is not something left on your car by a passing pigeon. It is not when a fighter drops his or her body lower to avoid an attack to the head, that is a defensive technique. It is not stepping forward and then dropping the body’s mass into a punch, that slows the punch, is a waste of energy, and it looks stupid. However, it may be advantageous to drop the body’s mass into a reverse punch by stepping the lead foot from a back stance into a lower front stance while performing the punch.

What it is 

Dropping is the only method of generating power that does not involve a reaction force. Dropping generates its power solely from gravity. Dropping is dropping the body’s mass into a downward technique to increase the technique’s striking force. It is primarily used against a weakened, defenseless opponent as a finishing blow.

How it's performed

If the opponent is on the ground, just perform an attack, such as a reverse punch, downward into the target while suddenly bending the knees to drop the body’s mass into the punch.

If the opponent is bend over at the waist, such as after a staggering blow to the head or body, then you could jump and use a dropping elbow attack to the back of the neck to finish the opponent.

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