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About releases


Releases are ways to escape from a grip, hold, pin, lock, or choke.


  • Use twisting motion with the application of a fulcrum.
  • Move close to the opponent to make fulcrums more effective.
  • For a seized wrist, press your wrist against the base of opponent’s thumb.
  • Move against the weak thumb.
  • Attack joints.
  • Move in a circle for more power.
  • Use the momentum of the release to move into a counter attack.
  • Use another technique to divert opponent’s attention while you affect a release.


  • Same side shoulder grab. Place your opposite hand over opponent’s hand, grab it, rotate your shoulder and the opponent’s hand forward so the opponent’s knife hand is facing up. Push down on the opponent’s elbow with your free elbow.
  • Same side elbow grab. Grab the opponent’s hand with your opposite hand, and rotate your body causing it to push on the opponent’s elbow. 
  • Bear hug from the rear. Grab the opponent’s index finger, pull it, and rotate your body in the same direction. 
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