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School requirements


The following are sample requirements a martial arts school may have.

Instructor will

  • Teach the student a specified course of instruction for the agreed upon period of time.
  • Offer the student lessons for a minimum of three times a week of at least an hour each.
  • Give the student sufficient notification of lesson schedule changes.
  • Offer the student lessons after the contract period for lessons missed due to instructor's fault.
  • Provide a suitable training facility.
  • Ensure all lessons are supervised by qualified personnel trained in the procedures and traditions of the martial art.
  • •ward official belts and rank certificates upon student’s successful completion of required promotion requirement and payment of fees.

Student will

  • Pay the monthly installment on the due date until the unpaid balance is paid in full. Installments are past due 7 days past the due date and lessons will be terminated until the installment is paid.
  • Faithfully comply with all rules and regulations of the school and with martial art traditions.
  • Student understands that
  • Failure to take lessons offered during the allotted time (without a written request and proper prior approval) invalidates lessons beyond the contract expiration date.
  • Failure to complete the lessons offered during the contracted period does not relieve the student of the obligation to pay the unpaid balance in full. The school does not give refunds.
  • Lessons are not conducted on Sundays, national or state holidays, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, school testing days, or tournament days.
  • A martial art is a physical sport. Even when all training rules and regulations are strictly observed and protective equipment is worn, accidents may occur that may cause injury. Therefore, the student specifically waives any claim for damages against the school and/or its principles or instructors for any injury resulting from the course of instruction. 

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