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Club bylaws


A bylaw is a rule or policy established by a group to regulate itself, as allowed or provided for by some higher authority. The higher authority, generally a legislature or some other governmental body, establishes the degree of control that the bylaws may exercise. Bylaws may be established by entities such as a club, business, or corporation.

The following is a sample set of bylaws that may be used by a martial arts club that is established as a club rather than as a business.


The name of this organization is Martial Arts Club, hereafter referred to as the Club.

The Club is established this first day of January two thousand and thiry. It is formed to promote and foster a spirit and understanding of the martial arts. Club members shall obey the following principles as a tribute to their martial arts predecessors:
  • Always seek truth and practice it.
  • Promote the highest moral character through training in taekwondo.
  • Respect and obey your parents, teachers, and seniors.
  • Love your country and contribute to your community.
  • Develop both confidence and humility.
  • Do your best to better yourself intellectuality.
  • Do not hesitate to sacrifice yourself for what is right.
  • Do your utmost to develop the martial arts.
  • Develop your endurance, and be calm and humble in mind and spirit.
  • Remember that the ultimate purpose of the martial arts is to promote both physical and mental health
The purpose of the Club is to make the martial arts available to everyone. The Club shall offer information and lessons on fundamental and advanced martial atrts techniques and theories.

Article I: Duties of officers

It is the duty of all officers of the Club to ensure it complies with all pertinent laws, rules, and regulation. The Club will be managed by an Executive Committee, comprised of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.


  • Directly supervises the operation of the Club.
  • All requests for expenditures of the Club monies will be made to the President using an Expenditure Slip. All expenditures of the Club by the Treasurer must be approved in writing by the President using the Expenditure Slip. Any expenditure, more than $500.00, must be approved by a majority of the general membership present at a general membership meeting.
  • Will keep the Club Head Instructor informed of the status of the Club
  • Will prepare required correspondence, maintain the Constitution and Bylaws and any changes thereto, and will submit the Constitution and Bylaws to the Club Head Instructor for annual review.
  • Will be the point of contact for initiating the sending of gifts, flowers, and cards. Each member of the Club should notify the President of any hospitalization, birth, or death that affects a member of the Club.
  • Must certify annually, during January, in writing, to the Club Head Instructor that all expenditures of the Club have been reviewed and are in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws.

Vice president

  • Will assume duties of the President during the extended absence of President by ensuring proper approval of all Expenditure Slips and keeping the Club Head Instructor apprised of the status of the Club.
  • Will assistant the President as needed in the operation and management of the Club.


  • Will record minutes of all Executive Committee and general membership meetings.
  • Minutes will be retained for two years.
  • Will assume duties of the Treasurer during the extended absence of the Treasurer.


  • Will be directly responsible for the deposits and disbursements of the Club monies.
  • Will maintain a Club Ledger and a Club Checking Account.
  • To receive the Club monies, the Treasurer will:
  • Log all receipts and their sources in Club Ledger.
  • Maintain a Working Fund (not to exceed $100) for day-to-day use.
  • Deposit all monies more than the $100 Working Fund in the Club Checking account; while maintaining the deposit slips.
  • Balance the Club Checking Account against the monthly bank statement.
  • Biannually, on 30 June and 31 December, submit the following documents to the Club Head Instructor:
  • A financial accountability statement, covering the previous 6 months, to include an itemized list of assets, liabilities, income, and expenses.
  • A current list of officers in the Club, including; telephone numbers and addresses (update as necessary).
  • To disburse the Club monies the Treasurer will:
  • Make disbursements from the Club when presented with an approved Expenditure Slip, using checks whenever possible.
  • Maintain an approved Expenditure Slip for each expenditure in a Current Expenditures File. When applicable, require a sales receipt and staple it to its associated Expenditure Slip.
  • Log all disbursements and the reasons for the expenditures in the Club Ledger.
  • To properly account for all Club monies, the Treasurer will:
  • Maintain a file of current quarter documents and a separate file of previous quarterly, audited documents.
  • Each Monday, audit all the Club monies, the Club Ledger, and accompanying documents, making an entry of the results in the Club Ledger, and making a report to the President.
  • On the first Monday of each quarter, ask the Club Head Instructor to audit the Club monies, the Club Ledger, and accompanying documents. Results of the audit will be entered in the Club Ledger and presented to the Club Head Instructor at the end of the audit. After each quarterly audit, store all the audited supporting documents in a file separate from current quarter documents. All records will be maintained for two years.
  • Will turn the Treasurer duties over to the the Secretary during periods of extended absence. The Treasurer and the Secretary should not take extended absences during the same time periods.
  • The Secretary will assume duties of the Treasurer during an extended absence of the Treasurer by:
  • Holding a joint audit with the Treasurer (except for cash in the Working Fund) and then assuming the Treasurer’s duties and responsibilities.
  • Making an entry in the Club Ledger indicating the results of the audit, with the signed statement "I hereby assume the duties and responsibilities of the Club Treasurer (except for Working Fund)."
  • All expenditures will be made by check, since the Secretary has no access to the cash in the Working Fund. All receipts will be immediately deposited into the Checking Account to ensure their safety. No cash will be stored anywhere. 
  • When the Treasurer returns, he or she will assume duties of the Treasurer by: 
  • Holding a joint audit with the Vice President and then reassuming the Treasurer duties and responsibilities. 
  • Verify that all procedures of the Treasurer duties have been followed, all proper entries have been made, and all proper forms are accounted for. 
  • Making an entry in the Club Ledger indicating the results of the audit, with the signed statement "I hereby re-assume the duties and responsibilities of the Club Treasurer."

Club head instructor

  • Oversees the Club.

Article II: Elections and voting

  • Officers will be elected annually in January at a general membership meeting by an affirmative vote of a majority of the membership present at the elections meeting.
  • Nominations will be made by a Nominating Committee of three members appointed by the Executive Committee. Additional nominations may be made from the floor at the election.
  • The notice of election meeting will be posted at least 15 calendar days prior to the election.

Article III: Dues or fees

  • Dues or fees will be as determined by the Executive Committee.
  • For a person to be considered in good standing, the person should not have any outstanding dues or fees.
  • Being in good standing entitles a person to certain enumerated benefits within the club.

Article IV: Standing committees

  • There are no standing committees.
  • The Executive Committee may appoint special committees from the membership to plan special events.
  • All committees shall consist of a chairperson and not less than two members.

Article V: Finances and taxes

The Treasurer will maintain detailed records of all Club income and expenses in accordance with all pertinent laws, rules, and regulations and the above stated Treasurer duties. The Treasurer will prepare and submit a financial statement to the Head Instructor on 30 June and 31 December. On first Monday of each month, Treasurer will audit fund records and make a report to the Club Head Instructor. On the first Monday of each quarter, Treasurer will audit fund records, ask the Vice President to audit the results, and then present the results to the Club Head Instructor, via the President.

Article VI: Insurance coverage

The Club conducts only low-risk activities so liability insurance is not required; however, it will be purchased for any one-time high-risk event/activity on the advisement of the Club Head Instructor.
As circumstances change, the club may decide to obtain liability insurance.

Article VII: Awards and Gifts

  • The Club may do any of the following:
  • Furnish members with special equipment or uniforms for use by in team competition.
  • Sponsor social events, such as award banquets, holiday parties, or a summer picnic.
  • Purchase plaques for member departures, VIP visits, etc.
  • Purchase cake, punch, and any mementos for special events.
  • Purchase lunch for members with a birthday at the monthly Birthday Lunch with Club Head Instructor.
  • Purchase get-well cards and flowers for sick members or people in their families.
  • Purchase condolence cards and flowers for deaths of members or people in their families.
  • All awards and gifts are for specific accomplishments or special occasions. They are not gifts to specific persons.

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