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Setting goals


Goals are milestones in your life; they mark achievements on your path toward achieving ultimate success. When setting your goals, you should be SMART.


  • Simple: Make each goal precise, clear, and unambiguous. If it is too complicated, you may not even know when you reach it.
  • Measurable: If a goal is not measurable, you will not know how close you are to reaching it, or when you have achieved it.
  • Attainable: A goal must be attainable; if it is not attainable, you will just be wasting your time trying to achieve something that is unachievable.
  • Relevant: A goal must be relevant to the process of your achieving success. Irrelevant goals just delay your success.
  • Timely: Goals should have a completion date; not just be open-ended. While under a time constraint, you are under pressure to work harder.

Martial arts ranks are goals that you achieve during your quest for black belt, but a black belt is not the final goal; ultimate success is the final goal. However, while ultimate success is attainable and relevant, it is not simple, measurable, or timely. While it may be achieved, and it is certainly relevant, it is complicated, difficult to define and measure, and may come unexpectedly or come without you realizing it. If you keep training in and or teaching the martial arts, at some point you will realize it has all been worth it and you have achieved success and reached your final goal.

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