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Things instructors want you to know


Students tend to look up to their instructors as the master, expert, hero, etc. This is not necessarily a bad thing but sometimes it limits the instructor's ability to do a good job. This admiration and awe cause students to not speak up at times he or she should, such as when the instructor is about to do something that might harm a student. Good instructors want students to know certain things that will make him or her a better instructor.

Things to you should know

  • Don’t take it personally if I am abrupt. Everybody has a bad some days, myself included.
  • I cannot make a federal case out of every issue that is important to you, such as the bad call you received at the last tournament. I have a lot of students and they all have issues that are important to them. I will do battle with anyone on your behalf if I deem it necessary, just let me pick the battles that I deem important enough for me to fight on your behalf.
  • I am not King Solomon; I cannot second guess every call made by referees. When the person is competent, and it is a judgment call, I defer to their judgment.
  • Don’t give me a reason to distrust you or watch you like a hawk.
  • I am the "expert" on the martial art. That doesn’t make me an expert at other things. Don’t expect me to have all the answers to all your problems.
  • When you are really upset with me about something, let me know.
  • Don’t ask me to talk about things that I should not or am not permitted to talk about, such as the status of other students.
  • Bring me problems as soon as possible. I may be able to help you if I have enough lead time.
  • Give me feedback on my performance; just be tactful, constructive, and respectful.
  • I may be able to help you if you goof up, just don’t do anything really stupid.
  • If I am saying the wrong thing or about to something wrong, tell me. Don’t let me look like a fool.
  • The greatest compliment to an instructor is imitation. To have a student emulate you makes you feel you are doing something right. I will always try to be a person to emulate.
  • Great followers make great leaders. If you are a great follower of my teachings, I will not hesitate to leave you in charge when I am gone.
  • Always do your best but don’t try to upscale me.
  • Always take responsibility for your actions.
  • I will try to compliment you when you do something correctly, but don’t always expect a compliment.
  • Bath me in light but don’t be too concerned about the blemishes the light may expose.

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