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Leaders are born, not made; or is it leaders are made not born. Either way, without effective leadership, a martial arts school will fail. Good instructors are leaders, but they are not necessarily effective leaders. Effective leadership may be learned two ways, from experience or from training. Experience is a hard way to learn, it requires you to try something to see if it works, and it may not work, and your business may fail. Training allows you to learn from the experiences and failures of others so you will not make the same mistakes. However, training does not necessarily mean you will be an effective leader, some people are not meant to be leaders, while others have people flocking to them wanting to be led by them.


Qualities of good leaders: What makes a good leader.

Stockdale leadership: Admiral Stockdale's leadership style.

Patton leadership: General Patton's leadership style.

Attila leadership: Attila the Hun's leadership style.

Marine Corps leadership: Marine Corps leadership style.

SEAL leadership: Navy SEAL leadership style.

Command respect: How does one command respect.

Professionals: What makes a person a professional.

Succession: Who takes over when you leave.

Geese leadership: Leadership style of geese.

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