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The pattern is named after the famous General Choi Yong, who was the premier and commander-in-chief of the armed forces toward the end of the Koryo Dynasty in the 14th century. He was executed on a false charge by one of his subordinate commanders, General Yi Song Gye, who later became the first king of the Joseon Dynasty.


Choi Yong was very popular and greatly respected for his loyalty, patriotism, and humility. His motto, which was left to him by his father was "don't be covetous of gold"… and he lived his life without violating this creed as a man of integrity. Choi-Yong succeeded in suppressing the invasion by the Japanese pirates in the coastal regions.

Choi-Yong twice defeated the "hong keun jok," a powerful group of Chinese insurgents. Choi-Yong was furious when he learned that the Myong Dynasty of China planned to occupy the area of Korea to the north of Chullyong. As a counter-measure, he decided to conquer the Chinese held district of Yo-Dong but his subordinate commanders executed him before he could realize his conquest.

Pattern movements

Number of Movements: 46

Diagram of movements

Pattern performance

There are numerous videos and explanations of the pattern movements available on the internet that show how to perform the pattern in the way preferred by your instructor, school, or organization. The following is an example of the ITF way to perform the pattern.

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