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Policy statement


TKDTutor is a repository of information about taekwondo and the martial arts in general whose goal is to educate martial arts students about the martial arts. Some people enjoy playing football, some basketball, some baseball. These are all ball games, but one is not necessarily better than the other is; they are merely different ways to play ball. It is much the same in the martial arts; each style offers a different way of doing the same thing. As with all martial arts, taekwondo has its good points and its bad points. TKDTutor informs readers of the good, and the bad, of taekwondo, and of other martial arts, but it does not seek to condemn other martial arts.


The martial arts world is full of misinformation, misrepresentation, and misconception. TKDTutor tries to compensate for this by presenting clear, factual, and, as much as possible, impartial information.

For some people, facts may change, but their opinions never change, regardless of the facts. Will anything presented in TKDTutor change your opinion of your martial art, your martial arts organization, or of the martial arts in general? Probably not! Even though there will be some points in TKDTutor with which you may agree, nothing presented in TKDTutor will cause you to shout “Eureka! My eyes have been opened and now I see the error of my ways."

No matter which taekwondo organization you belong to, or what other styles of martial art you train in, you will find something in TKDTutor to agree with, and you will find something to disagree with. If you believe a certain method is correct and TKDTutor presents facts to support that belief, you will probably use the facts to prove to others that you are right in your belief. If you believe a certain method is correct and TKDTutor presents facts to show your belief is wrong, it will probably not change your mind, but at least you may start you thinking about your belief instead of just blindly accepting it as true.


The site is free; I pay the bills, so I choose what to put on the site. I do not have to please anyone except the readers who visit the site. The site is not affiliated with any organization so I am not obligated to support anyone or any group, it completely autonomous. I try to present all logical, reasonable methods, techniques, and viewpoints on all aspects of the martial arts. Illogical or unreasonable things are not presented other than when trying to expose and debunk hype, falsehood, and fraud. If you do not agree with something on the site, email me with your reasons why. I will gladly review and discuss with you any information you may have; however, that does not mean the information will be put on the site.

Quality of information

Many martial artists around the world regularly visit TKDTutor. They trust the information presented in it and they respect the opinion I express in the information. I view this as an awesome responsibility. I may not always be right but I always try to be right, and I will change my opinion when proven wrong. Since the goal of TKDTutor is to present information and not to earn money or further some personal cause, I have no reason to mislead readers or misconstrue information.

I gather information from many sources, books, magazines, newspapers, television, radio, personal education, personal work experience, and personal experience in the martial arts. If you look through martial art books, you will find that most of them have many words but say little. Some styles are “one trick ponies.” They have one thing that is different from other styles and then they expand that “trick” into a “new” style. Taekwondo sites on the Internet are 99% for marketing purposes. You can visit thousands of martial arts sites and learn nothing; I know because I have been to most of them. The Internet is supposedly for the spread of information, but it is mostly used for commercial purposes. I review all the information I find, extract the key information, and present it in a free, clear, concise manner without using pretentious vocabulary or pseudo-Eastern philosophy. Just as Jack Webb's "Sergeant Joe Friday" LAPD detective character used to say in the 1960s television show Dragnet “All we want are the facts, ma'am."

If I make a mistake in TKDTutor, email me and tell me what the mistake is, where it is located in TKDTutor, and how I may find the correct information. I once had a sailor (Bill) complain because I gave another sailor (Joe) a higher performance evaluation. Bill said Joe made many more mistakes than he made so his (Bill) evaluation was not fair. I told Bill that Joe received a better evaluation because Joe did a lot more things than he did, some of which resulted in mistakes, but much of which was correct. On the other hand, Bill made few mistakes because he did so little there was no opportunity to make mistakes. There are over 600 individual topics and over 1600 pages of information in TKDTutor so there will be mistakes.

Organization power struggles

TKDTutor stays out of the power struggles between organizations. I will tell you about the power struggles, how to spot them, and how to avoid them, but there are too many of them to report them all, and new ones appear every day.

Style wars

TKDTutor stays out of the style wars. I present the pros and cons of basic styles, such as grappling, hard, soft, etc., but I stay out of the "My style is better than your style" wars.

Just because you are an nth degree black belt in whatever style or the supreme grandmaster of some style, it does mean I will accept your version of the facts.

Your rank and prestige are only good within your organization; it means little to people outside your organization. In the Navy, as a master chief, I commanded a lot of power and prestige, but to someone in the Army, I was just another sailor. Your opinion is only as good as the facts you use to support it. I, and hopefully everyone else, will not accept your arguments just because you or your "master" says it is true. Give me facts, or logical, reasonable arguments and I will evaluate them, offer my opinion, and present them in TKDTutor. Then it is up to the readers of TKDTutor to decide what they believe. As stated above, I control what I put in TKDTutor. I do not bother my readers with mumbo jumbo, wild theories of mystical, magical powers, or conspiracy theories.


This site uses a tool which collects your requests for pages and passes elements of them to search engines to assist them in indexing this site. We control the configuration of the tool and are responsible for any information sent to the search engines.

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