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Are you safe?


Do you know all you need to know about your neighborhood? There may be some activities taking place that you are not aware of that you should be aware of. The following are some websites that may help you find potential problems in your neighborhood. There are many more sites, these are just a few of them.
  • This site crunches monthly government data down to the state and county levels. It establishes connections across all these different data sets, linking it back to a particular person, but some data might be missing since the site doesn't tap into federal crime data. The Neighborhood Watch feature lets you focus your search by address or ZIP code. You can also search by a person's name or specific home address, and there's a separate search with a detailed map of registered sex offenders.
  • This site offers lots of map overlays that show all kinds of information about a neighborhood.
  • Collects and analyzes data from numerous sources to create detailed, informative profiles of all cities in the United States. From crime rates to weather patterns, you can find the data you're looking for.
  • This site sends you immediate alerts about criminal activities in your neighborhood and allows you to communicate with others in your neighborhood.
  • Taps Census data down to each tract of land. It also works in FBI crime data at a county and city level. It lets you drill down to the neighborhood level surrounding a specific address. The map uses a color system to show the degree to which a certain crime has occurred in the area. Provides other community characteristics.
  • and These sites display crime reports from around your neighborhood.
  • Local police departments. Many police departments in large cities have online crime reports for neighborhoods. Check out your local police department for what they offer. 

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