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Martial arts are primarily concerned with empty hand fighting since a weapon is no good to you unless you have it with you, it is readily available, you know how to use it, and it is useful in the current situation. For the most part, martial arts weapons are useless for self-defense today, but they are still used as training tools and as a part of keeping the history of martial arts alive. They add variety to training and they help perfect skills used in empty hand fighting.



    About weapons. General information.

    Bullet stopping power. There's still time for them to kill you.

    Best weapon for self-defense.  And the winner is!

     About offensive weapons. General information.

     Martial arts weapons.  Just a few of the many.

     Knife. Fighting with one is up-close and bloody.

     Knife attack defense. When you have no others options.

     Tomahawk. Yes, it's still an effective weapon.

     Flashlight. A useful tool and weapons.

     Taser. It'll light you up.

      Stun gun. It'll lock up up.

     Chemical defense weapons. Inexpensive, easy to use, and effective.

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