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The word attitude has several meanings. It may express a feeling or opinion people have about your behavior; for example, “Look at the way he struts around the ring, he has an attitude problem.” Attitude may describe the position of the body; for example, “Her ready stance presents the attitude of a warrior princess.” When you have a strong feeling or opinion about something and it shows in your behavior, you are said to have an attitude; for example, “His attitude about sparring is that if you don’t win, you’re a  loser.”

Your attitude toward sparring can be either in the way you view yourself a fighter or in the way others view you as a fighter. Your attitude toward sparring and being a fighter may present itself as your being arrogant or confident, carefree or professional, inept or skilled, timid or fearless, etc. These topics discuss ways to shape your attitude.


Awareness. Are you aware and is it reflected in your behavior?

Right mind. Without the right mindset, you are a loser before you even start.

Mental fitness. You should be mentally fit as well as physically fit.

Performing under pressure. Performing when the going gets tough.

Get into the zone. Going with the flow and zoning out.

Getting hit. You WILL get hit.

Dealing with anxiety. Don't let your nerves get the best of you.

Dealing with mistakes. Fix your own and cause them in opponents. 

Being a better fighter. Tip for being a better fighter in the ring.

No mercy. Mercy is only shown to those who have stopped their attacks.

Pilsung. Victory is not just about winning.

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