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Evolution continues 

Sport or traditional? As usual, it all depends on the one in which one you first started your martial arts training. Loyalty usually overcomes reason. People stay with that in which they are familiar, and they resist changing. So, before you choose a taekwondo school, know the differences between point sparring, full-contact continuous sparring, and touch continuous sparring, decide which one you prefer, and know which type the school uses.

The trend in recent years seems to be toward more violent fighting, not realistic fighting using techniques one would need for self-defense, but simply more violent and bloody fighting, with a greater chance of injury. The public craves violence. They don’t want it to happen to them, but they enjoy watching it happen to others. To capitalize on this aspect of society, martial arts schools and organizations offer more violent training and competitions.

We seem to be evolving, or probably more descriptive “devolving,” into events such as those during the Roman Empire, with gladiators fighting in the Colosseum. Each new martial art wants to be different, so maybe soon we will be seeing martial artists fighting lions and tigers.

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