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Details of the ancient history of taekwondo are sketchy and its modern history is controversial. This is a compilation of taekwondo histories from many sources.


Preface: Some preliminary information.

Chapter 1: Introduction.

Chapter 2: Ancient beginnings.

Chapter 3: Korean geography.

Chapter 4: Ancient Korea.

Chapter 5: Three Kingdoms Era.

Chapter 6: Subak and sonbae.

Chapter 7: Subak and hwarang.

Chapter 8: Koryo Dynasty.

Chapter 9
: Joseon Dynasty.

Chapter 10: Korea divided.

Chapter 11: Development of taekwondo.

Chapter 12: Korean War.

Chapter 13: Turning point.

Chapter 14: Early masters.

Chapter 15: Choi Hung Hi.

Chapter 16: Growth.

Chapter 17: Emphasis on competition.

Chapter 18: Exportation.

Chapter 19: International Taekwondo Federation.

Chapter 20: World Taekwondo Federation.

Chapter 21
: Sport taekwondo.

Chapter 22: Traditional vs sport.

Chapter 23: Taekwondo in the United States.

Chapter 24: American organizations.

Chapter 25: New techniques.

Chapter 26: Road to Olympics.

Chapter 27: Taekwondo today.

SOURCES: Where the information was obtained.

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