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FITT factors


Certain factors must be part of any fitness training program for it to succeed. These factors are Frequency, Intensity, Time, and Type (FITT).

FITT factors

  • Frequency. Devote three days a week to training, such as Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for one week and Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday the next week. 
  • Intensity. Training with intensity is going to be one of your biggest challenges. Your intensity should vary with the type of exercise being done. For muscular strength and endurance, intensity refers to the percentage of the maximum resistance that is used for a given exercise. At the end of a training session, you should feel exhausted. As you get more fit, your intensity must increase.
  • Time. Like intensity, the time spent exercising depends on the type of exercise being done. At least 20-30 continuous minutes of intense exercise must be used to improve cardiorespiratory endurance. For muscular endurance and strength, exercise time equates to the number of repetitions being done. Flexibility exercises or stretches should be held for varying times depending on the objective. To improve flexibility, it is best to do stretching during cool-down.
  • Type. Type refers to the kind of exercise performed. Focus on the part of the body you wish to improve. To improve performance, you should practice the skill you want to improve.
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