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Use of information


Feel free to use the information provided in TKDTutor for non-commercial purposes. The information may be used educate your students, after all, that is why TKDTutor.com was created.

Since I dislike hypocrites, I have no problem with people using the information in a critical context, after all, I am critical of a lot of the information put out by others.

Please include one of the following citations (or something similar) when using any information from TKDTutor.com.

APA style

Hartman, R. (Year). Name of article. Retrieved from: URL of article web page.
Example: Hartman, R. (2018). History of Taekwondo. Retrieved from http://tkdtutor.com/index/taekwondo/history.

MLA style

Hartman, Ronald D. "Name of article." TKDTutor. Date article last modified. Web. Date article was accessed. <URL of article web page>.
Example: Hartman, Ronald D. "History of Taekwondo" TKDTutor. 01 Jan 2012. Web. 15 Mar 2018. <http://tkdtutor.com/index/taekwondo/history>.

Turanian style

Hartman, Ronald. "Name of article." TKDTutor. URL of the article (accessed Date article was accessed).
Example: Hartman, Ronald. "History of Taekwondo." TKDTutor. http://tkdtutor.com/index/taekwondo/history (15 Mar 2018).

Chicago style

Hartman, Ronald. TKDTutor, "Name of article." Last modified Date article last modified. Accessed Date article was accessed. URL of the article.
Example: Hartman, Ronald. TKDTutorage, "History of Taekwondo." Last modified 01 Jan 2012. Accessed 15 Mar 2018. http://tkdtutor.com/index/taekwondo/history.

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