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Warrior spirit


You don’t have to be a fearless commando to become a warrior; you just need to adopt a warrior spirit. When you have a warrior spirit you will have clarity, focus, determination, courage, consistency, and an unflappable zest for life. You will view obstacles as merely learning opportunities. Failure is not one of your options. When faced with adversity, you will prevail–immediately or later.

Ways to build a warrior spirit

  • Go one step further. Always go one step further than you believe is possible. If you only do that which you know you can do, you will not get stronger.
  • Remember things will go wrong. Try to plan for all contingencies, but remember, if it can go wrong then it may go wrong. Don’t fret about achieving perfection, it usually not achievable. Be alert for problems and be ready to react to them. 
  • Sleep on negative emotions. Don’t when you are having negative thoughts, such as firing off a fiery email to someone who has made you angry. Write the email and keep editing it until bedtime but wait until tomorrow to consider sending it. Don’t make decisions when your emotions are not in a good place.
  • Don’t worry, be happy. When tragedy strikes, before letting negative feelings take control of your thoughts, commit to finding at least one thing that’s good about what has happened; it can be as small as you like as long as it’s positive.
  • Focus. One attribute of mental toughness is focus, diverting all your mental energy toward one thing and being tough enough not to give up. The thing you focus on must be a goal, not a dream. A goal is clearly articulated, has planning involved, comes with a deadline, and typically has some accountability from someone other than you. A dream is just something you wish for.
  • Deal with pain. No matter what you do, pain is inevitable sometimes. Don’t suffer with pain, deal with it, and keep charging toward your goal.
  • Leave to live with discomfort. Sometimes you must deal with something uncomfortable on your path to your goal; get tough and endure it until you get past it.
  • You have only so much mental energy. When you exhaust your mental energy, you burnout. The quickest way to exhaust your mental energy is to waste it on problems that you can’t solve, or negative thoughts that hamper your progress. To replenish your mental energy reserves, work on personal development, feed your mind through books, classes, and seminars, and eat properly.
  • Practice. With practice your actions become instinctive; you will just do the right thing when it needs to be done with little thought involved.
  • Avoid distractions. Don’t let small, insignificant things sidetrack you. Stay focused on your goal.
  • Believe in yourself. Winners show up to win. You win or you lose, there is no try.
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