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Breaking is used by most martial arts as a way to evaluate one's mental control, physical power, and skill level. When done correctly, breaking is relatively safe but there is always a chance of injury, which enhances the breaking experience.


About breaking

What is breaking? Why are martial artists always breaking things?

Why break? Is it because you're too stupid to know any better?

Why so few injuries? How does a fragile fist break a brick?

Mechanics of breaking. A little physics.

Wolf's Law. It's not that kind of wolf.

Forging. Pound your hands into weapons.

Body parts used for breaking. Choose your weapon.

Types of breaking. How can a break something? Let me count the ways.

Types of breaks. It all about support.

How to break

Breaking materials. Things to break.

Breaking wood. Breaking wood, not wind.

Fundamentals of breaking. Some of the basics of breaking.

Performing a break. Step-by-step directions for board break.

Unspaced vs. spaced breaking. Difficult versus easy breaking.

Cheating in breaking. Even when it's not creating, it's deceptive.

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