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Fighting frenzy


When attacked, you must defend with a controlled frenzy. Blocks, counterattacks, and attacks must come in rapid succession and not stop until the threat is eliminated. Do not allow the attacker to think. So much will be coming at the attacker that he or she will not be able to formulate a response.

First, neutralize the attack

When attacked, you must first neutralize the attack by either:
  • Avoiding it
  • Deflecting it
  • Blocking it
If attacked with a weapon, you must immediately gain control of the weapon by either:
  • Causing the attacker to drop the weapon
  • Controlling weapon while it is in the attacker’s hand by either pointing it in a safe direction or toward the attacker

Then attack with a frenzy

After the attack is neutralized, you must counterattack with a frenzy:
  • Attack all vital areas with numerous, quick, but powerful techniques. General George Patton once said, "Don’t worry about your flanks, let the enemy worry about his flanks." Use every technique in your arsenal, but make sure each technique is powerful and focused on a target.
  • Attacks should come hot and heavy and fast and furious but make sure each one is effective, so you don’t exhaust yourself.
  • Keep the attacker in a defensive mode so he or she does not have an opportunity to think about another attack.
  • Keep your concentration on your attacker but stay aware of your surroundings and other people. Bystanders could be friend or foe, so stay aware of their actions.
Once the attacker is disabled and no longer a threat, you must stop your counterattack and either escape or control the attacker. If you continue your counterattack after the attacker is disabled, you may be considered the attacker and the other person may now legally defend him or herself as a victim and it can possibly subject you to criminal charges or a lawsuit.

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