TKDTutor provides martial arts students with information about all aspects of taekwondo and the martial arts in general and helps potential students avoid fraudulent organizations, schools, instructors, and concepts.


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This index will guide you through subjects, topics, and subtopics to articles that may or may not be related to the martial arts.

More of my blogs

TKDTutor: Comprehensive information about taekwondo and martial arts in general.

Triad Trail Tracker: Information about bicycle trail/greenway riding in the Triad area surrounding Winston-Salem, NC.

Far Outlier: Observations of life from a lifelong skeptic.

NavyTutor. Basic information about life in the United States Navy.

CCRCGuide. Everything you need to know about Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC)  also known as Life Plan Communities.

Martial arts related subjects

TKDTutor Digest: A collection of martial arts related news and information articles from around the world.

Point-Counterpoint: Counterpoints to points made by others.

TKDTutelage: Beginner lessons in taekwondo.

Videos: Interesting martial arts videos.

Various: Articles about various subjects related to the martial arts.

Other subjects

Senior Citizens: About those of a certain age.

Humor: Things that may or may not be humorous.

Miscellaneous: Various and sundry thoughts and things.

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