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Back kicks


The back kick and spinning back kick offer many advantages over the spinning side kick without sacrificing power or simplicity. The spinning back kick that used most commonly as a follow-up attack in a combination, is safer because it exposes the upper body and head to the opponent less than the spinning side kick. In a properly executed spinning back kick, your back is turned to the opponent and your upper body is protected.

To execute a back kick

In executing a back kick, timing and accuracy are essential. If you kick too late or too early and miss your intended target, your opponent may take advantage of your awkward body position to counter with a roundhouse kick to your face or kidney, knocking you down. However, if you time your kick precisely, the spinning back kick is a devastatingly powerful kick. The back kick, on the other hand, is even more powerful and faster than either of the other kicks; because you don’t spin your body, you reduce the kicking time.
  • Slightly rotate your hips toward the lead side and pivot your lead foot 180-degrees while quickly shooting your trailing leg out toward the target.
  • The chambering position for the back kick is almost nonexistent because the leg moves so quickly to its target; it’s a part of the kicking legs movement as its foot travels straight to the target.
  • The toes of the kicking foot are pointed downward and its heel strikes the target.
  • In attacking, you thrust your body mass into the opponent's body when the kick reaches its full extension.
  • While kicking, keep your upper torso upright, keep your back toward the target, and keep the target in view by looking backward over your shoulder.
  • Re-chamber and return the kicking foot to the floor.
When used for close range counterattacking, the back kick is an excellent tool for scoring against an aggressive opponent. For example, to launch an effective counterattack against a roundhouse kick, execute a short back with less body mass commitment and more emphasis on speedy execution and retraction.

Aero 360° back kick

A 360° aero back kick is like a 360° jumping back kick except it moves forward rather than upward.

To perform the kick:
  • Aero step forward with your trailing leg.
  • While the foot is still in the air, perform a spin back kick with the supporting leg, hitting the target before the stepping foot touches down. 
Proficient kickers use the aero step to lightly step on the opponent's thigh followed with a back kick to the upper chest or head.

Other back kicks

  • Spin back kick
  • Back snap kick
  • Back flip kick
  • Back rising kick
  • Jump back kick
  • Spin back kick
  • Jump-spin back kick
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