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Ground kicks


Ground kicks are kicks used when you are on the ground. Being grounded is not as bad as it first appears. You may kick upward at your opponent with more variety of kicks and with more power than an opponent may kick downward at you. Against one opponent, ground kicks are effective, but your mobility and choices of techniques are too limited to fight multiple opponents. Against multiple opponents, going to the ground may be your demise.

Types of ground kicks

  • Rebounding. If a ground kick misses its target, rebound off the ground on the follow-through and use another ground kick on the way back around.
  • Hooking and kicking. Reach out with one leg and hook the opponent's leg with the foot. Pull the opponent toward you while you kick with the other leg.
  • Round kick. Lying on your side, round kick with the upper leg. As your foot rises for the kick, raise your body up on the lower side arm and lower side foot to get more height and power into the kick.
  • Heel kick. At the end of a round kick that misses, rebound the foot off the floor, and bring the foot back around in a spin heel kick. If during your movement on the ground you find yourself in the rebound position, you may perform a spin heel kick.
  • Front kick. With your butt on the floor, front kick. Raise on the hands and the other leg for more height. You may also raise on both hands and double front kick.
  • Axe kick. With your butt on the floor, raise the leg, and then drop the heel like a guillotine onto a floor target.
  • Vertical axe kick. With your butt on the floor, raise leg quickly into the groin.
  • Side/back kick. With your chest facing the ground and your hands in a push-up position, kick backward and upward with a side kick or back kick. You should be able to switch your kicking and supporting legs instantaneously.
  • Round/spin heel kick. Round kick with one leg, roll into the kick, and then roll over completely with fire a spin heel kick with the other leg.
  • Scissor kick. Extend a leg on either side of the opponent and twist your body to throw the opponent.

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