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Other kicks


There are numerous other types of kicks, some useful, some useless. There are only a limited number of ways one may kick effectively in a self-defense situation so most of the newer kicks are just then adding of acrobatics to make kicks look spectacular.

Some other kicks

  • Jump twin split kick. The twin split kick is a jump with kicks performed simultaneously to each side. Each kick is fired toward its respective side. The kicks may be the same or different.
  • Butterfly kick. In the butterfly kick, the torso spins backward and rear leg chambers as if performing a spin crescent kick. As the body is completing the spin, jump off the support leg and perform a jumping round kick or inside crescent kick to the head. The kick looks difficult but is relatively easy to perform. 
  • Tornado kick. The tornado kick is a butterfly kick with an extra step. Step forward with the rear foot and then perform a butterfly kick. All the movements flow in one smooth continuous spinning motion.

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