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Palm-heel strikes


A palm-heel strike uses the heel of the palm as the striking area. It is usually used to the chin, nose, or solar plexus. Since there is less chance of injury to the hand when the palm is used to strike the face or other boney targets, it is a better tool to use against these areas than using a punch.

To make a proper palm-heel

  • Hold arm straight out in front of the body with hand held flat, with the palm down, with the fingers straight and together, and with the thumb sticking out.
  • Slightly bend the fingers and arch the wrist backward.
  • Bend thumb and keep it tucked close to the hand.
  • Bend hand backward at the wrist so that the base of the palm is pointing toward the target.
  • The point of impact is the inside base of the palm so the strike is usually used in an upward or forward motion.

How to perform the palm-heel strike

Perform the strike like a straight punch, a cross punch or an uppercut punch except using the palm-heel as the striking tool.

Benefits of the palm-heel strike

  • It can be delivered very quickly.
  • It can be delivered without telegraphing.
  • It can be used when very close to the target.
  • It can be delivered from almost any hand position.
  • It can be used as a "first strike", fighting technique, to stun your attacker and then follow up with other techniques.
  • It can be used as a finishing technique after your attacker is slowed or stunned.
  • It is easy to hit a target using this fighting technique, even when under duress.

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