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Maximum power


Martial artists seek maximum power with every technique.

Attaining maximum power

Attaining maximum power is a combination of:
  • A firm base (it aids stability).
  • A concentration of muscular force (such as focusing the muscular strength of the whole body into the attack).
  • Hip rotation (such hip snap or twisting the body mass into the attack).
  • A linear momentum of the body (it accelerates the attack toward the target).
  • The resultant force of the body dropping (such the dropping force of a step being used to apply body mass into the attack).
  • The mass of the body (the greater the mass that is added to an attack, the greater the power of the attack).
  • Counter-movements of the arms, legs, head, and body in the opposite direction to the attack (these add a reaction force to the attack).
  • Hitting the smallest target possible with the smallest weapon possible (this concentrates the force of an attack).
  • Relaxation before, during, and after the execution of an attack (the entire body only tenses at impact).
  • Smoothness and gracefulness (this uses less energy and helps ensure good delivery of the technique, which helps increase power).

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