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Resting positions


Resting positions are used when resting or waiting. They may be used while standing, kneeling, or sitting, depending upon the command given or the circumstances. Resting does not mean lounging, chatting with friends, or goofing-off; it means casually waiting.

Resting positions


Stand relaxed with arms hanging naturally. To not lean on anything, sit on anything, fold arms, or rest hands on hips. Relax, but stay alert.


Kneel on knees, extend feet behind you, cross feet, sit erect on the feet, and place palms on thighs with fingers pointed inward.

When on the floor, either kneeling or sitting, the purpose is to be relaxed but alert and ready. For instance, if watching a sparring match and a person falls toward you, you must be ready to instantly move out of the way, protect yourself, or catch or protect the falling person. From a kneeling position, you can quickly raise off your feet and use your hands take whatever action is necessary.


Sit with legs crossed in front with feet pulled close to the body and drape the arms over the legs. Do no extend legs or lean on elbows. From a sitting position, you can quickly uncross your legs and hold them up, lean backward, and use your hands and feet to take whatever action is necessary.

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