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Ridge-hand strike


The ridge-hand strike is usually to the face, neck, or ribs. It uses the inside edge of the knife-hand as the striking area. It may be used and an attack or a block.

How to form a ridge-hand

  • Hold the arm straight out in front of the body with hand held flat, with the palm down, with fingers straight and together, and with the thumb the sticking out.
  • Slightly bend the fingers and arch the palm backward.
  • Fold thumb tightly across the palm. 
  • The point of impact is the ridge along the inside edge of the hand from the base of the first finger to the base of the thumb. Because there is no fleshly padding as with the knife-hand strike, striking with a great force on a hard surface may injure the hand.

How to perform a ridge-hand strike

The ridge-hand strike is performed like the knife-hand strike except the hand is inverted so the opposite edge of the hand strikes the targets.

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